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When you support the Oshman Family JCC, you choose a community that cares deeply about you and your family. We offer abundant opportunities to build connections, and we work every day to create a sense of belonging. Whether you work out in our state-of-the-art fitness center, partake of our world-class cultural arts programs, or meet friends to pursue common interests, friendly faces welcome you and help create the meaningful memories that connect you to our community.


By contributing, you know what thousands who have walked in your shoes know, too: by giving -- of your time, your talents, and your resources -- you join with others who share your culture, your values, and your priorities to create that place where everybody knows your name. When you support the OFJCC, you ensure that others -- less advantaged, elderly or newcomers -- find a caring community to welcome them.

With 15,000 engaging with us each week, we continue to grow into the organization so many of us envisioned when we opened our doors.

Our donors are the heroes who ensure that this rich tapestry of Jewish life is fully available to any who seek it. Your meaningful gift changes lives for the better.


Thank you for your support. 


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