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OFJCC Preschool - About Us

OFJCC Preschool is dedicated to building strong relationships among educators, families and students.OFJCC Preschool These relationships help us forge a loving community based on respect, kindness and the desire for mutual growth. Our approach to learning is both creative and organic, driven by the children’s curiosity. Through intentional, play-based experiences, we provide the tools for a positive attitude to lifelong learning.

Our children develop a thirst for knowledge, a love of learning and a strong identity. We foster Jewish values and traditions while honoring individuality and welcoming and respecting all faiths.

Educational Approach
The OFJCC's Preschool classrooms are alive with investigation, wonder, collaboration and creativity. Our play-based, experiential approach develops a child’s wisdom, skills and a love of learning.
Self Discovery
The OFJCC Preschool instills your child with life skills and a strong identity. Because children learn in many different ways, we provide multiple opportunities for exploration and growth including swimming, cooking, movement, art and more!
Hebrew Immersion & A Connection to Israel
All of our children experience basic Hebrew through Jewish and Israeli rituals and cultural traditions. A deeper foreign language experience is available through Ulpanon, our Hebrew-immersion program. A companion Hebrew learning program is available to parents.

Family & Community
A strong partnership between the school and the family is essential to growing healthy, happy children. Parent involvement and education are integral to our program, with enriching programs and events that strengthen family life and community involvement. This includes inter-generational programming with seniors who live at the Moldaw Family Residences on campus.

Our Environment
The OFJCC Preschool holds a commitment to Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World) and a respect for the earth. We model environmentally sound practices from recycling to composting. Our lovely garden provides our children with an inviting space to plant, nurture and harvest food that they then prepare and eat creating a deep connection to how we nourish both the land and ourselves.

Our Beautiful Spaces
The OFJCC Preschool’s classrooms are located on the beautiful Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life. Infused with natural light and eco-friendly touches, our classes are outfitted with kitchens, reading nooks and science discovery centers that encourage a natural enthusiasm for learning. Our spacious, outdoor play areas are filled with age-appropriate climbing structures, water features and playground toys.
A fully equipped art room provides creative opportunities to investigate and explore. Unique to the Preschool is the use of the OFJCC’s Goldman Sports & Wellness Complex where all of our children enjoy movement classes in the gym and swimming lessons in the heated, indoor pool (swimming is for children 3 and up only).