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    2017 Zionism 3.0 Conference: Sponsors to Date

    Please note, the deadline to be listed as a Sponsor for the Zionism 3.0 Conference is Sunday, October 1, 2017. Thanks in advance for your generosity and support.


    OFJCC Zionism 3.0

    OFJCC Zionism 3.0 Jewish Community Federation

    Kathy Fields-Rayant and Garry Rayant
    Orli and Zack Rinat


    Seidel Family Foundation
    Marlene and Gadi Maier
    Eta and Sass Somekh, the Somekh Family Foundation

    Daryl Messinger and Jim Heeger
    Roselyne Swig

    Yael and Elie Alcheck
    Debbie and Barry Cohn
    Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest
    Amy and Morton Friedkin
    Ronit and Dan Jacobs
    Sheryl and Tony Klein 
    Yael and Amnon Landan
    Stephanie and Sam Lauter
    Bank Leumi
    Susan and Moses Libitzky 
    Katharine and Dan Rubin

    Liki and Joseph Abrams
    Judy and Robert Aptekar
    Ellen and Marc Brown
    Dan Feldman
    Emeri and Brad Handler
    Wendy and Howard Kleckner
    Mark and Adele Lieberman
    Peninsula Temple Beth El
    Apryl and Raymond Stern
    Diane and Howard Zack

    Up to $999
    American Jewish Committee
    American Technion Society
    Sharon and Amir Ashkenazi
    Wendy Allyn and David Barkan
    David Arfin and Maddy Chaleff
    Ruth and Adi Gamon
    Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa
    Susan and Russ Holdstein
    Jewish National Fund
    Jewish Study Network
    Margot and Charles Kirschner
    Patty and Mike Krigel
    Linda and Mordecai Kurz
    Alan and Carole Kushnir
    Nanette Rowe and Gary Leight
    Linor and Jonathan Levav
    Lori and Gary Meyers
    Carmela and Eli Pasternak
    Peninsula Jewish Community Center
    Janis and Richard Popp
    Talya and Amit Ronen
    Sheree and Ronald Roth
    Sarit and Scott Schube
    Tzipi and Sam Tramiel

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