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    Board Game Night

    An OFJCC Annual Benefit Subscription Party

    When: Saturday, 10/21/2017 7:00 PM Export event

    Enjoy an evening of board games at the home of Seth and Sharon Leslie. Seth is an avid gamer who will undoubtedly introduce you to amazingly entertaining games that you’ve never heard of before.

    You’ll have the opportunity to pick from among the “brain burner” strategy category, like St. Petersburg, to a more right-brain focused, creative experience, like the picture game Dixit.

    You may instead choose to pursue an evening of deduction and deception with the party game The Resistance. Or bring your own game and introduce the crowd to what you love.

    Whatever you choose, we promise a very enjoyable evening of gaming, heavy appetizers, desserts and drinks.

    Audience: Adults
    Saturday, October 21
    7:30 PM
    $150 per Person
    Los Altos

    Generously hosted by Seth & Sharon Leslie


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    Registration is closed for this event.

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