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    Founders Club


    The brand-new Founders Club (FC) is an innovative way for entrepreneurs and founders to make meaningful gifts in support of the OFJCC and the Jewish community in Silicon Valley.

    Members of the Founders Club are asked to make a non-binding pledge to gift 1% of a personal equity stake of common or preferred stock in the start-up venture.

    Execution of the gift transfer would occur at the approximate time the stock becomes freely tradable, including a change of control, other merger or reorganization, or an initial public offering, or at another mutually agreed upon time. In exchange for such a pledge to the OFJCC, the Founders Club member receives the following benefits:


    • Recognition for you and your company as a member of the Founders Club in OFJCC marketing collateral, including our annual Impact Report and our catalogs
    • An opportunity to generate significant future value for the OFJCC at little or no present cost to you. There is no obligation to fulfill the pledge in the absence of a liquidity event.
    • Periodic communications about the Founders Club and the impact its supporters are making
    • Great karma!


    Gifts may be payable in one lump sum, or over a maximum of five years from the date of liquidity, and will fund a program of your choice, or the OFJCC's Fulfilling the Vision (FTV) Campaign*, which supports program development, campus improvements and debt reduction. The gift would roll over to the OFJCC's Endowment Fund should the FTV Campaign be complete at the time of the gift.

    Thank you to these members of the Founders Club for their ongoing commitment to enriching lives, building community and inspiring Jewish journeys:

    Ben Golub, Docker

     OFJCC Founders Club

    Max Schireson, MongoDB

     OFJCC Founders Club

    Oren Zeev, Zeev Ventures

    OFJCC Founders Club     

    Moti Rafalin, vFunction, Inc.
    "The JCC means a lot to our family. It plays a central role in our lives, from the gym to Beged Kefet, from the ICC events to Zionism 3.0 conferences. We are grateful this institute exists and that it is able to bring our community together."

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC



    Interested in learning more or becoming a founding member? Please contact Seth Leslie at [email protected] or (650) 223-8729. 


    * The FTV Campaign is a $54 million fundraising effort designed to secure the future of the OFJCC. $24 million will be directed towards debt reduction, $15 million will support the growth and maintenance of the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life and $15 million will contribute to annual program development and operations.

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