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    OFJCC Pomegranate Legacy Society (Legacy Giving)

    Legacy Gifts make a huge impact on the long-term sustainability and financial health of the OFJCC. Pomegranate Legacy Society members make generous provisions for the OFJCC through their wills or estate plans, retirement accounts or through other planned giving methods. 

    For many people, this forward-looking philanthropy makes it possible to make a significant long-term contribution that otherwise might be beyond reach. With appreciation for this generous gift, members of the OFJCC Legacy Society will receive:
    • A Pomegranate Mezuzah commemorating your decision to make a legacy gift to the OFJCC
    • Recognition in the OFJCC's Annual Report and other publications as a Legacy Society member
    • An invitation to an exclusive Annual Event specifically for Pomegranate Legacy Society members

    Making a Planned Gift to the OFJCC

    Bequests: Bequests are one of the easiest ways for donors to make a significant contribution toward helping the OFJCC fulfill its goals.  Bequests allow donors to designate future assets to the OFJCC in their wills. Donors may include the OFJCC in their estate plan by specifying a dollar amount or a percentage of their estate's assets to be transferred to the OFJCC.

    Retirement Plans: Another easy option for donors is to designate the OFJCC as a beneficiary of his or her IRA, Keogh or other retirement plan. This option may allow donors to reduce both income and estate taxes.  

    Life Insurance Policy: This is a relatively simple and inexpensive way for donors to provide for future generations by naming the OFJCC as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy or by donating a unneeded policy. 

    The Oshman Family JCC Pomegranate Legacy Society consists of individuals who have thoughtfully included the OFJCC in their estate plan through a legacy gift. Thank you to these members of the Legacy Society for their ongoing commitment to enriching lives, building community and inspiring Jewish journeys:
    Anonymous Sheryl and Tony Klein
    Dorothy Saxe
    James E. Baer
    Sharon and Seth Leslie Loren and Shelley Saxe
    Gloria Baerncopf (z"l) Shirley Liebhaber Janet and Albert Schultz (z"l)
    Steve and Ina Bauman Daryl Messinger and James Heeger The Schwabacher Family
    Randi S. Brenowitz and Marty Klein      Bill and Susan Mirbach Susan and Richard Seiler
    Madeline Chaleff and David Arfin Adam and Carolyn Nash Joanna and Jason Strober
    Reba Cohen Aliza and Ra'anan Peleg Taube Family Foundation
    John and Linda Elman Maurice and Pearl Purcell (z"l) Veronica Tincher
    Janet K. Fisher (z"l) Paul Resnick and Joan Karlin Teacher Debra Togliatti
    Nanette and Richard Freedland Orli and Zack Rinat Bobbie and Jerry Wagger
    Emeri and Brad Handler Jeanbelle and Zachary Rosenman (z"l)      Batya Zucker 
    Jay and Sandy Hirsh Ric and Roberta Rudman
    Mark and Marla Holtzman Carol D. and Harry J. Saal  
    Ann Marie Jasse and Bruce Fram Nathaniel Saal and Susan Steiner Saal 

    To read why some donors were inspired to make a legacy gift, click here

    Are you interested in becoming a member of the Pomegranate Legacy Society? Click here to download our Letter of Intent (PDF).

    Already including the OFJCC in your plans? Let us know by contacting Yonatan Melamed at (650) 223-8672 or [email protected].

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