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    Overnight Family Camping Trip Information


    We all need to eat and it's more fun to do it together! At this event, everybody is responsible for their own food. However, we encourage you to connect with other participants to create communal meals potluck-style. When everybody shares, nobody goes hungry, especially in a Jewish family.

    Don’t forget about drinking water! We suggest two gallons per family.

    The OFJCC will provide ingredients for s'mores, wine and firewood.

    Sample Packing List

    Eating/Cooking Gear: This is an environmentally-friendly event; please try to limit disposables and use regular dishes and utensils.

    For each family member bring the following:

    • plate/bowl
    • drinking cup/mug for hot beverages
    • water bottle
    • spoon/fork
    • pots/pans
    • stove (we can coordinate with other families if needed)
    • knife 
    • garbage bags

    Clothing for each family member:

    • boots / sports shoes(sneakers)
    • socks
    • underwear
    • sweatpants
    • sweatshirt
    • jacket
    • t-shirt
    • shorts
    • sun hat and warm hat

    Sleeping Gear:

    • tent
    • insulation pad or inflatable mattress(es)
    • sleeping bag(s)
    • pillow(s)

    Other Gear:

    • picnic blanket
    • flash light(s)

    General Park Rules:

    This is a Crumb-Clean Park. That means:

    • Never feed wildlife
    • Clean up all crumbs after cooking and eating
    • Keep all your food in an animal-proof food locker
    • Place all your trash in animal-proof trash cans
    • Except for service animals, dogs are not allowed on any trails

    All natural and cultural features in the park are protected by law and may not be disturbed or removed.

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