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    Club J School-Age Care: Afterschool Program Overview


    Put the Cool in School-Age Care with Club J!

    Welcome to the Club J program, Fall 2021–2022
    The Club J program will operate Monday through Friday, from school dismissal–6:00 PM.

    Daily Screen Checks/Weekly COVID-19 Testing
    The Club J Program will have daily health screen checks for all families and children coming to campus. We are encouraging our families to take part in our weekly COVID testing as a service and convenience to you. The OFJCC will provide you and your family a weekly test kit.

    Individualized Cohorts

    Club J follows guidelines and recommendations through the Santa Clara County and State Health Departments and the CDC. In an effort to minimize contact with large groups of people, students will attend Club J in small groups of no more than 14 students and two licensed Club J teachers, though these numbers may change as guidance evolves. Our cohorts are designed for students to engage in-person within their groups only. This is to ensure that there are low exposure opportunities with other cohorts in the program.

    Physical Distancing During Activities
    We have adapted our Club J programming so that all activities are designed to encourage physical distancing and will not require physical contact between other children or staff. Both free flow activities and enrichment classes will be done within their cohort groups. Masks will be worn throughout the JCC by all staff and all students in the program. We know that wearing masks can be challenging, especially for young children, but have also learned from the past several months of programming that children have been very successful at adapting to mask-wearing. We have child-size masks for any child who forgets to bring one and we will find creative ways to help children learn about the importance of using a mask.

    Free Flow
    Free flow, as a release from the structured school day, is the first part of Club J when children arrive on campus. During free flow, children can select which area they want to be in. Rooms include the Art Studio, Technology Room, Engineering Room, Recreation Room and Outdoor Field.

    Enrichment Classes (Chugim)
    Club J offers many, FREE specialized enrichment classes to enhance your child's experience in our program. Taught by our Club J teachers, classes may include art, science, technology, engineering, cooking and sports. Some elective classes (Chugim) we have offered are hip hop and jazz dance, Mandarin and American Sign Language, a variety of art classes and sports such as basketball, soccer and flag football. These are just a few of the many Chugim offered at Club J. Three ten-week sessions of Chugim are offered each Club J year.

    Academic Support
    Here at Club J, we have quiet study spaces designed for students to work on any of their daily homework or assignments. A Club J staff member will be available to help and support your child with their schoolwork. We also work closely with each child's parent/caregiver to understand how we can best support their child's academic work.

    Physical Activities
    Club J offers an array of physical activities both inside and outside the classroom. Options include, but are not limited to, soccer, relay races, GAGA and outdoor play on our state-of-the-art outdoor Park and Pavilion.

    Social and Emotional Support
    We realize physical distancing can hinder children from many social and emotional development opportunities. Children in our program will interact with their classmates in an enriching setting with a variety of fun and creative games and activities. Club J offers many teacher-led activities during the week, and within their cohort groups, children will have the opportunity to participate in fun, high-energy classes.

    Community Action and Jewish Cultural Programming
    Club J is guided by the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Tzedakah (charity). Club J will implement and participate in community action projects which may include clothing and food drives, projects for those in need and making and selling items to raise awareness and money for Israeli causes.

    Express Pick-Up Service
    We are providing express pick-up service to all of our Club J families. In order to create proper distance during pick-up, Club J staff members will drop off students directly at their car.

    Club J provides transportation to our program from the Palo Alto School District and Los Altos School District. We expect to offer transportation from the following schools. This is subject to change based on enrollment of each individual school.

    Palo Alto School District:
    Juan Briones Elementary
    El Carmelo Elementary
    Escondido Elementary
    Fairmeadow Elementary Hoover Elementary Nixon Elementary
    Ohlone Elementary Palo Verde Elementary (K–3)

    Los Altos School District:
    Bullis Charter School North Bullis Charter School South
    Santa Rita Elementary (K–3)

    2021–2022 Prices and Special Offers

    Kindergarten Full Day:
    Kindergarten Full Day with Transportation
     $1067 per month plus *5% campus fee
    Kindergarten Full Day without Transportation
     $964 per month plus *5% campus fee
    If your child is an incoming kindergartener at Bullis Charter or attends a half-day TK or kindergarten program for the entire school year, please register as Kindergarten Full Day. For Bullis Charter kindergarteners, Club J offers both AM/PM care. For Bullis PM kindergarteners, if you only want Club J morning care it is half off Kindergarten Full Day with Transportation rate.
    Grades K–5 Afterschool:
    Afterschool Care with Transportation  $840 per month plus *5% campus fee
    Afterschool Care without Transportation
     $742 per month plus *5% campus fee
    *A 5% Campus fee will be added to all monthly tuition payments to cover the significant increase in cleaning, staffing and operating costs due to COVID -19.

    Please Note: Discounted OFJCC Fitness Membership is available only during the length of the program.

    Club J Facility number: 434412177

    *Must not turn 13 before June 2022

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