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    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC Train With a Purpose — Celebrate Fitness — Earn Your Mark!

    DEKA is a timed functional fitness test that is made up of 10 exercise zones. The OFJCC is proud to be one of the first local affiliates to partner and offer this program to the community. We host official DEKA mark events throughout the year as well as offer the DEKA playground to practice year round.

    Want to learn more? Join us on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00–4:55 PM for coached workouts with our DEKA pro athlete and OFJCC Personal Trainer, Tara Pipia.

    • DEKA STRONG features 10 exercise zones with no running
    • DEKA MILE includes a 160-meter run preceding each zone
    • DEKA YOUTH is for 10–13-year-olds

    Exercises can be modified for youth and 65+ divisions.

    • 30 Weighted Alternating Reverse Lunges
    • 500M Row
    • 20 Box Jump/Step Over
    • 25 Med Ball Sit-up and Throw
    • 500M Ski Erg
    • 100M Farmers Carry
    • 25 Calorie Air Bike
    • 20 Dead Ball Wall Over
    • 100M Tank Pull/Push
    • 20 RAM Burpee
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    Our next DEKA event will be scheduled in the spring of 2024.

    If you would like a free DEKA tour and assessment, please contact Bonnie Patrick | (650) 223-8719 | [email protected].

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