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    Drop Into Fitness Week

    Free Classes and Services for Members and Guests—One Week Only!

    Saturday, January 14

    8:15–9:15 AM | Body Pump Launch
    9:15–10:15 AM | Mixer
    2:00–5:00 PM | Family Swim Time (ages 2–12 years old)

    Sunday, January 15

    12:00–1:00 PM | Kids' Basketball Clinic (grades 2–4)
    1:00–2:00 PM | Kids' Basketball Clinic (grades 5–8)

    Monday, January 16

    8:45 AM | Projects start for Mitzvah Day
    6:00 PM | Fitness Floor Equipment Orientation

    Tuesday, January 17

    10:30 AM–1:30 PM | Sand June Apparel
    6:00–6:30 PM | Three-point Contest
    8:15–9:30 PM | Goju Ryu Karate

    Wednesday, January 18

    3:45–4:30 PM | Fit 4 Kids (grades K–3)
    3:45 PM | Fitness Floor Equipment Orientation

    Thursday, January 19

    6:00–6:45 AM | Total Body Circuit Training
    4:00–5:00 PM | Youth Yoga  (K–3rd grade)
    5:15–6:30 PM | Swim Team Mixer
    6:30–7:30 PM | Kids Volleyball Clinic  (Grades 5–8)

    Friday, January 20

    6:45–7:45 AM | Bootcamp
    8:30–9:25 AM & 9:45–10:40 AM | Zumba
    10:45–11:45 AM | Mixer
    10:30 AM–12:30 PM | Coffee in the Cove
    10:30 AM–12:30 PM | Pilates Open House


    Activate your membership in January for $0 Registration (usually $199–$375) + 1 week FREE. (Expires January 20, 2017)

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