Chabot Space & Science Center
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    Chabot Space & Science Center

    Travel & Day Trips

    When: Wednesday, 12/20/2023 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

    Where: Off Campus

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC

    The Chabot Space & Science Center is the continuation and expansion of a non-profit public observatory that has served the San Francisco Bay Area with astronomy and science education programs since 1883. It is named after the father of hydraulic mining and benefactor of the original Oakland Observatory, Anthony Chabot. Since 2000, the center has been located on the western border of Redwoods Regional Park in Oakland. It houses an Observatory, Planetarium and exhibition galleries.

    Chabot is now home to the NASA Ames Visitor Center, with more than 30 objects that showcase Ames' past and future, and real stories of people at NASA's Ames Research Center. Fascinating items include spacesuits from the Mercury and Gemini missions, experimental heat shield technology, and a fan blade from the world's largest wind tunnel. See the animation of the VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) and a full-scale model of NASA's Artemis rover. Launching next year, this rover is heading to the moon to answer big questions about lunar water and how it can be used for future human space exploration. This towering 8-foot replica, as well as the other items, have never been seen by the public!

    During our visit, you will be able to attend one of the shows in the Planetarium. The Ask Jeeves Planetarium is a 70-foot full-dome. The shows transport audiences across the far reaches of the universe, using three visualization systems, which operate independently or in combination. The Zeiss Universarium fiber-optic star projector, one of only four in the United States, reveals the night sky, minus the glare of city lights, using world-class optics to create a precise, deep-field sky with up to 6,000 celestial objects.

    Before the Chabot Center visit, the group will enjoy free time for a no-host lunch at the Montclair Village in the Oakland hills. This quaint business district has a variety of great restaurants and shops.

    Senior Programs are made possible in part by generous contributions from the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund, as well as many individual donors. We are grateful for their generous support.

    For Adults 65+
    Wednesday, December 20
    9:30 AM–4:30 PM
    Check-in at 9:30 AM in the lower lobby of the Schultz Cultural Arts Hall | Please be punctual and allow sufficient time for parking; the bus leaves soon after check-in.
    Price includes round trip transportation by private charter bus from the OFJCC and a ticket to the Chabot Space & Science Center. Lunch in Montclair Village is on your own.
    Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.

    To register for the trip, call the Customer Service Desk at (650) 223-8700.

    Refund Policy: 
    $20 non-refundable cancellation fee until December 3. No refunds after this date.
    NOTE: If you need personal assistance of any kind, you must bring an escort.
    COVID Safety Protocols: It is strongly suggested that masks be worn at all times in public places and on the bus. The safety protocols are subject to change and will be updated as needed.


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