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    Free Specialty Fitness Classes

    June 2022

    When: June 5-22; times and locations vary

    Where: OFJCC, Campus-wide, multiple locations

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC


    Enjoy free fitness classes all month long. Learn a new tip or skill!

    Space is limited and registration required.


     Class Description
     Sunday, June 5  1:15–1:45 PM  Vertical/Horizontal Jump Program: Exercises and stretches  Seiler Family Gym  Dillon
     Monday, June 6
     8:00–8:30 AM
     Lower Body Mobility: Improve low back pain with daily mobility  R&R Room  Radhika
     Monday, June 6  12:00–12:30 PM  Upper Body Mobility: Improve shoulder, neck and back pain  R&R Room  Radhika
     Monday, June 6
     7:15–7:45 PM
     Strength for Running: Learn how to cross train for running  Indoor Treadmills
     Friday, June 10
     7:30–8:00 AM
     HIIT: Building a sustainable conditioning program
     OTA  Radhika
     Sunday, June 12
     10:00–10:30 AM  Squat: Form and programming for various squat lifts  OTA  Glenn
     Sunday, June 12  11:00–11:30 AM  Bench Press Workshop: Learn powerlifting form and approach  OTA  Glenn
     Sunday, June 12  12:00–12:30 PM  Deadlift Workshop: Form, practice and programming  OTA  Glenn
     Saturday, June 18  8:15–8:45 AM
     Stretch for Running: Learn to warm-up and cool-down for runs  Indoor Treadmills
     Sunday, June 19  2:15–2:45 PM
     Youth Weight Lifting Fundamentals; for ages 10–12 years
     Monday, June 20  4:15–4:45 PM
     Youth Training: Encouraging fitness for ages 10–12 years  OTA  Sam
     Monday, June 20  5:15–5:45 PM
     The Warm Up: Prevent injury and enjoy your workouts more  Indoor Fitness Center
     Monday, June 20  6:30–7:00 PM
     The Perfect Push Up: Form and progressions  OTA  Dillon
     Tuesday, June 21  11:15–11:45 AM
     Foot Care and Mobility for Overall Health  OTA  Melinda
     Tuesday, June 21  12:00–1:30 PM
     Virtual Nutrition Seminar: Weight (Fat) Loss Stalls  On Zoom
     Tuesday, June 21  6:30–7:00 PM
     Pull Ups for Beginners  OTA  Dillon
     Wednesday, June 22  4:15–4:45 PM
     Teen Training: Sports performance and agility for ages 13–15 years  OTA  Sam
     Wednesday, June 22  5:15–5:45 PM
     Recovery Tips and Tricks: Decrease soreness/increase activity  Indoor Fitness Center


    June 5 through June 22
    See chart for times and locations
    Contact: Bonnie Patrick, Fitness Manager | (650) 223-8719 | [email protected]


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