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    The Intractable Middle East: Dual Narratives

    When: Wednesday, 10/12/2022 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    Session dates: Wednesdays, 10/12/2022 - 11/23/2022, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    Where: Online


    The Middle East conflict often seems too complex and painful to contemplate. This multimedia history course introduces a perspective that offers an alternative to the despair that comes with hopeless headlines. All levels of learning are welcome.

    • Class 1 (October 12) | Setting the Stage: Late Ottoman Empire to the end of WWI
    • Class 2 (October 19) | Mandate Palestine (1922–1936)
    • Class 3 (October 26) | Mandate Palestine Part II (1936–1949)
    • Class 4 (November 2) | 1949–1967 Independence / Nakba
    • Class 5 (November 9) | From the Six-Day War to the First Intifada (1968–1988)
    • Class 6 (November 16) | 1988–2008 From Oslo to Stalemate
    • Class 7 (November 23) | Breaking the Cycle

    The course is taught by Dr. Eleanor Shapiro, who received her doctorate from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, in 2018, with a dissertation focused on Jewish culture festivals in small Polish towns. For thirteen years prior to that, she directed the Bay Area-based Jewish Music Festival. Currently an independent scholar, she has recently taught courses on Jewish music, Polish-Jewish relations and Israel/Palestine (where she worked as an educator and journalist from 1982–1990).

    This program is in partnership with New Lehrhaus. For more information and offerings by New Lehrhus please click here.

    Wednesdays, October 12–November 23
    7:00–8:30 PM
    Contact: Ethan Prager | [email protected]


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