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    For the Love of Art and Jazz

    In Person | A Special Valentine's Day Event

    When: Friday, 2/11/2022 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM

    Where: Albert and Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall (Bldg F)

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    Celebrate the love of art and jazz at this special Valentine's Day-themed event, featuring artist Dan Lythcott-Haims and musician Noa Levy.

    About the event:
    6:00–7:00 PM | "Collected" Artist Reception
    The Schultz Arts Hall lobby will feature intriguing art exhibits by sculptor, photographer and assemblage artist, Dan Lythcott-Haims. Meet the artist, explore his work, schmooze with friends, have some wine and then join us in the Schultz Arts Hall for a Valentine's jazz concert.

    7:15–8:45 PM | Jazzy Valentine's Concert
    The program includes a curated collection of beautiful love songs from around the world that have become part of the jazz canon. Jazz vocalist Noa Levy will sing in several languages, accompanied by a trio of the Bay Area's finest jazz musicians.

    IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: All attendees at this event will be required to show either proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the event. Either a physical COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or the State of California Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Card may be offered as proof of full vaccination. Masks are required for all indoor spaces at the OFJCC.

    Questions? Please email Michelle Shabtai at [email protected]

    About the Artist: Dan Lythcott- Haims
    "I spent most of my life running away from art, shouting 'I can’t' inside my head. Until that voice changed to 'I must.' And here I am." ~Dan Lythcott-Haims

    Dan Lythcott-Haims is a sculptor, photographer and assemblage artist working to elevate the broken and decayed bits of the human-made world that are often unnoticed, avoided or discarded. He celebrates the colors, textures, patterns and forms that nature adds to human-made objects over time. Whether he is working with the richness of found objects, or manipulating new materials to expose their possibilities, he celebrates the beauty of age by presenting these pieces as jewel-like treasures.

    Dan's compositional tools are repetition, juxtaposition and laser focus. He tends to work in loops—returning to themes from a photograph as he assembles a sculpture or being inspired by a 3D creation to new ideas for 2D work. He enjoys charting the intertwining paths of this self-inspiration and still finds himself surprised when his own history repeats itself in new and interesting ways.

    In the end, it should come as no surprise that he has finally taken root as an artist. Growing up in Connecticut, he was surrounded by his mother (with a palette full of paint), his father (with a workshop full of tools), and his grandfather (with a drawer full of drafting supplies). Dan has always enjoyed making things.

    After studying Product Design at Stanford, Dan Lythcott-Haims embarked on a design career that has spanned a variety of disciplines. For several years he designed museum exhibits and other fun stuff. He has worked as Creative Director at a Silicon Valley tech company, and currently holds the position of Director of User Experience at a local Silicon Valley software company. Dan also serves on the Board of Directors of Art Bias, a Bay Area nonprofit serving the needs of local artists. Visit his website: Dan Lythcott-Haims

    About the Jazz: Noa Levy
    Noa is a jazz-rock vocalist originally from Israel, and currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the emotional directness of Carmen McCrae, a powerful voice reminiscent of Eva Cassidy and the playful energy of Ella Fitzgerald, Noa sings with an emotional lyricism and magnetic stage presence across genres—jazz, rock, cabaret and pop. In 2018, she released her debut EP Take Two, an experimental collection of jazz arrangements in a duo format with three different instruments (drums, synthesizer and vibraphone).

    Drawing on influences from her favorite musicians and artists including Peter Gabriel, Thelonious Monk, Lester Young, Aretha Franklin and Queen, Noa has developed her own signature arrangements of unique repertoire choices, to paint a picture that anyone listening can relate to. Her favorite thing about jazz is the possibility to collaborate with fellow musicians about universal themes and day-to-day life, as she's doing with her band, The Experts. Visit her website: www.noalevylive.com


    Friday, February 11
    6:00–8:45 PM
    Albert and Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall (Bldg. F)
    Contact: Michelle Shabtai | (650) 223-8718 | [email protected]





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