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    LAND | SEA | AIR

    In Person | Artist Reception With Ronit Shalem

    When: Sunday, 5/22/2022 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

    Where: Albert and Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall (Bldg F)

    Meet artist Ronit Shalem, join us for a guided tour of her exhibited art, listen to live music, and enjoy a glass of free wine. Be inspired!


    Please arrive on time so that the guided tour can start on time. Thank you!

    About this event


    6:30 PM: Artist reception in the Shultz Cultural Arts Hall lobby, with live music by The Breaux Show and wine.

    7:00 PM: Guided campus tour of art exhibits and Q&A with artist Ronit Shalem.

    7:30 PM: More live music and wine at the Schultz Cultural Arts Hall lobby.

    LAND | SEA | AIR

    In the exhibition "Land | Sea | Air", the artist Ronit Shalem presents a series of paintings that employ a unique mixture of techniques on canvas, wood and leather-like fabrics. She creates a colorful world representing earth, water, animals and plants, with repetitive dots, lines and shapes. Her technique is reminiscent of the folk art style commonly found in Australian Aboriginal art. Shalem chooses to expose the work surfaces as part of the color palette, to which she applies contemporary pigments by means of processed markers and acrylic paint.


    The exhibition's name is borrowed from the children's game "Land, Sea, Air" where game participants leap to defined areas that are announced by the game leader. Shalem takes the viewers of her art on a journey through landscapes that she has created, where imaginary animals dwell. The animals in the paintings are not highly defined, rather they feature more generic elements where geometry is essentially at the heart of the story—it matters less what animal it is, but more the look and feel of the scenes and stories that convey warmth and humanity.

    Born in 1974, Ronit Shalem graduated with a BA from Vital Art School and majored in graphic design. She has presented her art, in solo and group exhibitions, in Israel and around the world. As a child, Shalem would play in the living room of her home, sprawled across a Persian rug. In the shapes and colors of this rug, Shalem would imagine hidden letters and creatures. She would hop among them to collect imaginary colorful gems, and tiptoe with caution to avoid imaginary snakes. To this day, textiles and textures intrigue her.

    Shalem draws artistic inspiration from exploring shapes, colors, patterns, the infinite ways in which they can be combined, and discovering surprises and secrets that emerge from them. Her choice of strong bright colors is not accidental. They make up her nature. For Shalem, nature symbolizes freedom in its purest form, void of criticism and reproach. Nature accepts us for who we are, in any shape or shade, and its dynamic symbolism allows Shalem to express her inner world through her paintings.

    Artist's website: ronitshalem.com 

    Breaux Show

    The Breaux Show play an eclectic collection of acoustic rock and pop classics from the 70s–2000s. It's non-stop nostalgic grooves and vintage vibes.


    IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: All attendees at this event will be required to show either proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the event. Either a physical COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or the State of California Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Card may be offered as proof of full vaccination. The OFJCC follows the Santa Clara County guidelines on masking. 

    For ages 15+
    Sunday, May 22
    6:30–8:30 PM
    Albert and Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall (Bldg. F)

    Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test required
    Contact: Michelle Shabtai | [email protected]


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