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    Bootcamp is a fitness program for adults at all fitness levels. Our goal is to design workouts that are customized based on each participant and to provide accountability through a fitness community of support. Our Trainers will use a mix of interval training techniques, HIIT, body weight exercises, strength training, endurance and performance work, with some CrossFit and Spartan Race-style programming to get you in the best shape of your life!

    Our Instructors: 

    Leeann Higgins, Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Coach

    "Make your time spent at the gym effective and efficient, so you can have time to do all the fun things in life. Every daily activity can be made more enjoyable when you have the strength, flexibility and especially stamina to keep up with it. Healthy body=Happy body."

    Delmar Hayman, Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist
    Health and wellness are passions for me. I enjoy helping others get in shape and do things they don't believe are possible for them. I approach fitness with a crawl-before-you-walk mentality, in order to build clients up safely and as healthy as possible."

    Dillon Gates, Personal Trainer and American Ninja Warrior
    "Everybody deserves a healthy connection with their physical identity. We are often great at prioritizing important people in our lives, being dedicated in our careers, and placing our health second in the process. Better health is so much more than a key to living a longer life. Strength gives you the option to choose the life you want to live. Let's chart a path there together!"

    Glenn Smyth, Personal Trainer and Movement Specialist
    "I believe exercise should be a holistic tool and bring balance to people's lives. I strive for consistent progress in the lives of the people I work with. My goal is to make sure that everyone I work with feels better after they leave me than they did before they came."

    Program Options:
    Monthly Fee: $420 General Public | Unlimited classes, mix and match. Includes full access to the indoor and outdoor OFJCC Fitness Center on day of class. Expires 30 days from purchase.
    Members: $220 | Unlimited classes, mix and match. Expires 30 days from purchase.
    Drop-in: $50 per workout
    Drop-in Virtual Punch Card, Members Only: $35 per workout | 5 session minimum | Expires 90 days from purchase.
    90-day Drop-in pack: $35 per workout, expires 90 days from purchase, 5 session minimum, Members only.

    Free first week trial for all new participants; pre-enrollment required.



    Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
      6:30–7:25 AM
    with Delmar
      6:30–7:25 AM
    with Delmar
      10:00–10:55 AM
    with Glenn
       10:00–10:55 AM
    with Glenn

    Additional classes forming now. Please reach out to Bonnie Patrick to request information.

    Four-week program begins monthly.

    To register, please contact Bonnie Patrick at (650) 223-8719 or [email protected].



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