Hanukkah and the Kitchen Sink
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    Hanukkah and the Kitchen Sink

    For most of his early years, Jaques Adler was totally uninterested in the arts or crafts. From about the sixth grade in Pittsburgh through his college years, he was far more interested in public speaking and debate. 

    However, more than 50 years ago he saw a potter throwing pots off of a wheel at the Marin Art and Garden Show and suddenly decided he wanted to do that.  

    Jaques began with lessons at the de Young Museum Art School in San Francisco. His interest and education in ceramics has continued over the last 50 years.  He began as a potter making utilitarian—but graceful—pots whose shapes and glazes are pleasing to the eye. 

    More recently, over the past 10 or 15 years, Jaques took an interest in hand-building Judaica useful in Jewish rituals like Passover, Hanukkah lighting, Shabbat challah, giving of tzedakah and the like. Finally in the last year or two he started trying to recreate iconic objects out of clay, such as a dozen eggs, a pound of butter, a package of Philadelphia cream cheese, a box of Sees Candy, a box of Diamond kitchen matches, oversize lead pencils or wooden matches or measuring spoons.

    The JCC thanks Jaques Adler for sharing his beautiful art and for donating all sales proceeds to the JCC.

    On Display: Richard & Rhoda Goldman Sports & Wellness Complex Lobby

    OFJCC Arts & Dialogues Jaques Adler exhibit

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