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    OFJCC Statement on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    The OFJCC is proud to share this Statement on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, as one step in an ongoing process to create a JCC and a society that honor the dignity of every person and offer opportunities for well-being and human connection to all. 


    As an organization deeply rooted in Jewish values, and with a mission of creating spaces that are places of belonging for all, the OFJCC commits to advancing racial justice, equity, diversity and inclusion by:

    • Fostering a diverse JCC as reflected in our members, workforce and Board of Directors
    • Being a strong community partner on programs reflecting diverse experiences
    • Standing with those facing discrimination
    • Making a contribution to racial justice through education
    • Striving for equity in all we do

    Fostering a Diverse JCC – Members, Workforce and Board of Directors

    The OFJCC recognizes the critical importance of fostering belonging, equity and inclusion among our members, staff and Board of Directors. For our members, we aim to create a space where everyone feels welcome and valued.  For our employees, we strive for a workforce that represents our Silicon Valley community, and a culture of transparency, fairness, accountability and mutual respect. At the Board level, we commit to having a fiduciary body that is absolutely clear in its commitment to racial justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and that endeavors to reflect these values in its own membership.

    Being a Strong Community Partner on Programs Reflecting Diverse Experiences

    The OFJCC honors the dignity and potential in everyone who co-creates our community. We value each person's contributions and believe that diverse experiences, backgrounds, beliefs and religious practices make the spaces we are creating together better. We also strive to support the extraordinary diversity of Jewish identity and practice. We commit to being a strong partner on programs to present a spectrum of journeys and experiences.

    Standing with Those Facing Discrimination

    The Jewish people know what it is to have faced oppression and marginalization, and we believe this lived experience is a call to support others. The OFJCC stands with all those who encounter discrimination on the basis of race or color, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin or languages spoken, disability or medical condition, marital or family status, and military or veteran status. 

    Making a Contribution to Racial Justice Through Education

    In the struggle for racial justice, the OFJCC stands in defense of Black lives and in solidarity with all persons of color facing systemic racism. We commit to doing our own part to repair this world, and to giving our children and our larger community tools to combat racial injustice through education.

    Striving for Equity in All We Do

    The OFJCC is keenly aware of the high level of income inequality in the Silicon Valley region. We support greater equity by continuing to make our own programs financially accessible, providing scholarships, expanding on meaningful social action beyond our walls, and striving for equitable pay for our staff.


    Learn more about the background of this statement and the work of the OFJCC's Racial Justice Task Force and Committee on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by viewing: "Talkback with Zack: CEO Zack Bodner in Conversation with Racial Justice Task Force Member Madeline Chaleff and Staff JEDI Committee Member Monique Schulter"

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