Network Access Membership
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    Bay Area JCC Network Access Membership

    Live near one JCC but work near another? No problem! Now you can gain Network Access, allowing you to visit or workout at any of the 5 Bay Area JCCs!

    We now have a membership option that gives you full membership access to five Bay Area JCCs. For a slightly higher monthly rate, you enjoy full member benefits at the JCCs in Palo Alto, Marin, San Francisco, Foster City and Los Gatos.

    Please stop by our Membership Office or call (650) 223-8701 with any questions. If you prefer that we contact you, click here.

    Benefits of Network Access Membership

    Network Access allows you to enjoy member privileges at the below Bay Area JCC locations. Benefits include access to fitness centers and aquatics, and member pricing on JCC programs and services.* For amenities and services, please visit the website of the local JCC.  

    OMJCC, Marin                     JCCSF, San Francisco**                PJCC, Foster City                  OFJCC, Palo Alto                   APJCC, Los Gatos                                        


    Enrollment Process at Network JCCs

    Once you have upgraded your membership at your home JCC, you will be issued a "Network Access" sticker to apply to your home JCC membership card. Upon your first visit at any JCC in the network, you will be required to enroll as a new member. This includes completing a membership agreement and being issued their membership card. (Since every JCC has its own database system, this step is necessary for you to be recognized as their member.) There are no additional fees to enroll and after your first visit, you will have normal member access.

    Cancellation Policy
    At any time, you are free to cancel or downgrade your membership consistent with your home JCC's policy. Please contact your home JCC to sign up, cancel or downgrade.

    Children are not eligible for Network Access. Additionally, preschool and camp programs are limited to members at their home JCCs only. If you would like to use one of the network JCCs with your family, you may purchase guest passes for your child/children. We want to ensure that we provide a continuing high quality experience at each of our JCCs and will be monitoring usage and impact along with member feedback.

    Hold Policy
    You are welcome to put your membership on hold for up to one month according to your home JCC's hold fee. Extending a hold past one month will be at the discretion of your home JCC. Please contact your home JCC to put your membership on hold.  

    We hope you enjoy your new Network Access Membership and would appreciate any feedback regarding your experience. Please contact your home JCC for other questions regarding your Network Membership.

    *Membership discount policy will vary at each JCC. Discount does not include preschool or day camp.

    **Additional fees apply for parking at the JCCSF. Call for hourly rates.

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