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    Specialty Educators

    At the Oshman Family JCC Leslie Family Preschool, we are proud of our teaching staff's commitment to providing learning opportunities with a special focus on helping children discover and pursue their curiosity in a warm, compassionate environment.

    Oshman Family JCC Palo Alto JCC OFJCC

    Debbie Togliatti: Gardening Specialist
    Debbie Togliatti is celebrating over 35 years at the OFJCC. She is the Garden Pedagogista for all of the preschool and created The Giving Garden in order for children to be able to grow food and donate to a local food bank. She is the Founder and Director of the OFJCC's WISH (What's in Season Here) Program as well as the Senior Community Garden.

    When she's not in the school garden, Debbie is tending to the farm she lives on or helping clients with their home gardens. In 2013, she wrote and self-published a book, Growing Jewish Values: Cultivating Your Jewish Roots in Your Own Backyard. Debbie is an avid cook and reader of mysteries.

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC Elan Loeb: Music Specialist

    Elan Loeb (they/them) attended Club J and J Camp when it was still on the Terman/Fletcher Campus. In high school they worked as a preschool summer camp counselor. They've returned to the OFJCC as our Music Specialist and song leader.Elan is a Cornell grad, a Kesher Fellow and co-founder of Tzedakah Songs, an organization that hosts monthly musical fundraising events for social justice causes. Elan believes that art is for everyone and loves to share the joy they find in Jewish music. As a teacher, they bring silliness, mindfulness and love into their work. In their spare time, they enjoy audiobooks, gardening and pickling things.

    Cassy Christianson: Developmental Specialist
    OFJCC Palo Alto JCCCassy is a developmental specialist and consultant for families of children with special needs and learning differences. She serves on the board of directors for AbilityPath, the community advisory board for Stanford Healthcare, and is a founding member of Full Circle donor fund addressing the needs of women and children in the Bay Area. An experienced occupational therapist, educator, group facilitator and science writer, Cassy previously worked at Lucille Salter Packard Children's Hospital working with newborns and maternal health. She went on to serve as Director of Children's Services at Gatepath where she was an integral contributor to the organization's pediatric services, outreach and community education efforts.

    Cassy's interests include the history of medicine and earned her master's at Stanford University pursuing research in early modern European women's health. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and three boys.

    Jessica Guinn: PE Specialist OFJCC Palo Alto JCC
    Being the PE teacher for the OFJCC Preschool represents an intersection of Jessica's lifelong passions: working with kids and nurturing physical health and well-being through movement. In addition to being a highly experienced yoga teacher, Jessica has an educational background in meditation, sports physiology and psychology. Growing up in Palo Alto, she spent many years directing summer science camps with the Junior Museum & Zoo. As a teacher, Jessica is a firm believer that we "teach from love," and incorporates playfulness and joy into all she does.

    When not at the JCC, you can find Jessica at yoga, at a park, hiking or at the beach with her two sons, both of whom are OFJCC preschool kids.



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