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    The R&R Room at the OFJCC

    Red light therapy, dry massage therapy, percussion therapy, compression therapy, and relaxation & mindfulness

    Relax • Recover • Rejuvenate • Renew • Replenish • Restore • Reward • Revitalize • Reinvigorate • Replenish • Revive • Reset


    Introducing the newest addition to the award-winning Goldman Sports & Wellness Complex…

    The R&R Room, a whole suite of advanced health and wellness therapies selected from the best in fitness, spa, sports and medical science to help you feel better, move better and sleep better.

    Sign up today and schedule your first session today and experience how these services can benefit you. Then make visiting this peaceful and restorative oasis a part of your regular exercise and self-care routine!

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    Percussion Therapy

    Give your stiff muscles relief… or activate them before your workout. The Hyperice percussion muscle activation tools help you:

    • Relax muscle tension
    • Enhance mobility and range of motion
    • Ease stress on ligaments and joints

    Red Light Therapy

    Boost your cellular function, energy, skin health and recovery time from certain injuries with JOOVV Red Light Therapy.

    • Utilizes red and near infrared light (NIR)
    • Increases daytime energy levels and facilitates better sleep at night
    • Promotes healthy skin
    • Optimized the body's natural healing and recovery process

      Compression Therapy

      Combining dynamic air compression with pulse technology, Normatec compression sleeves offer a restorative massage that helps you move and feel better, faster.
      • Helps reduce inflammation
      • Assists in muscle recovery
      • Flushes the lymphatic system and reduces water retention

      Dry Massage

      An industry leader in recovery and wellness, the innovative HydroMassage lounge uses heated internal water jets to give you an outstanding massage experience.

      • Improves circulation
      • Relieves minor aches and muscle pain
      • Supports overall wellness and relaxation

      Relaxation & Mindfulness

      Breathe! The Hyperice Core meditation trainer pulses alongside your meditation session, helping you focus and train your breath technique.

      • Puts a breath and relaxation trainer in your hands
      • Helps with relaxation and mental focus
      • Includes a library of expert-led guided meditations, soundscapes and breathwork training sessions

      What members are saying:

      "It's like a bit of a workout and relaxation therapy at the same time. … I see it as a perfect way to start your day or as a reward after a long one."

      "After just 10 minutes, I left feeling more relaxed, refreshed and renewed. The ability to customize to my own preferences so easily was really impressive. I am really looking forward to adding these terrific resources to my wellness routine."

      "What a truly divine experience! So relaxing, and instant relief from aches and pains related to being on my feet a lot."

      "I was impressed with how knowledgeable the team was about the whole range of self-care techniques. They helped me pick the ones that would have the most benefit given my personal needs."

      "The experience opened my eyes to the wide variety of equipment available to me for recovery or even just to relax after a stressful day."

      "I had not realized that just a few minutes of self-care could feel so good!"


      Sign Up Here      R&R Room Waiver

      COVID-19 Warning and Disclaimer: Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an extremely contagious disease that spreads easily through person-to-person contact, and may be spread by persons who are not exhibiting any symptoms. COVID-19 can lead to severe illness, personal injury, permanent disability and death. Participating in Goldman Sports & Wellness Complex Activities increases the risk of contracting COVID-19. Member/Guest acknowledges and agrees that such risks are part of the risks and hazards. The OFJCC in no way warrants that COVID-19 infection will not occur through participation in Goldman Sports & Wellness Complex activities.

      Unavailability of Facilities/Access: The obligation to pay dues and other service-based fees is not dependent on the availability of all portions of the Facilities at all times. Repairs, maintenance, severe weather, power outages, safety and security concerns, public health measures, holidays and other circumstances may make it necessary for OFJCC to temporarily take portions of the Facilities out of operation, and dues and service-based fees will not be reduced or suspended or refunded during such time. OFJCC will provide reasonable notice of any temporary closures as circumstances permit. OFJCC further reserves the right to make changes to the types and quantity of classes and equipment offered at the Facilities.

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