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    2022 Z3 Conference

    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC Z3

    The Z3 Conference returns live and in-person to the Oshman Family JCC on Sunday, December 11!

    We believe that elevating the relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jews is of critical importance to the flourishing of our people. We invite you to join the conversation this year.

    Now in its eighth year, Z3 brings together internationally-acclaimed voices from across the rich spectrum of Jewish experience with the aim of creating a future together as Diaspora Jews, as Israelis—as one people.

    This year, as we celebrate Israel’s 75th year of independence, we are setting our sights towards the future. The 2022 Z3 Conference will focus on building a collective identity imbued with optimism and curiosity, an ethos that will serve as the central theme of the conference.

    For questions about sponsorships, please contact Michelle Kracoff at [email protected].

    For more information and to register, please visit z3project.virtualjcc.com/.


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