Dad Up Academy
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    Dad Up Academy

    In Partnership with Blossom Birth

    When: Sunday, 6/30/2024 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

    Session dates: Sundays, 4/14/2024 - 8/25/2024, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

    Where: Jeff Center for Families (Bldg. G) G-106


    OFJCC Palo Alto JCC

    Are you ready to take your fatherhood to the next level? I know you're reading this because you're committed to being the best dad you can be. Dad Up Academy is committed to this too. Enroll now and experience the "aha moment" of parenting… gaining dad knowledge and practical dad skills along the way!

    Dad Up Academy is a unique blend of education and support, designed for dads. Jerrod Zertuche supplies the research-based parenting education and expert guidance; you supply valuable questions, real-life challenges and wisdom you've gained through fatherhood. All fathers are welcome; however, those who truly recognize that our behaviors need to change before our children's behaviors can change will see and feel the greatest benefits. The Dad Up Academy will teach you to identify what you need to change and how to do it.

    This is what Dad Up Academy's goal is for you: to feel that "aha moment" while leveling up your:

    • Emotional intelligence
    • Ability to stop reacting from your lower-brain
    • Ways to start responding from your higher-brain
    • Bond to your child
    • Effective communication
    • Family values and boundaries

    Enroll in the Dad Up Academy and brace yourself for next-level dad knowledge, dad skills and dad confidence.

    In partnership With Blossom Birth

    Sundays, April 14–August 25 | This is not a series; each session is a stand-alone class
    5:30–6:30 PM
    Jeff Center for Families (Bldg. G), Room G-106
    $27 per session
    Contact: Blossom Birth and Family | (650) 321-2326 | [email protected]


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