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Written by Leonard Nimoy, Starring Jim Jarrett

Palo Alto JCC Oshman Family OFJCC Arts & Culture VincentVincent van Gogh was one of the world's loneliest and misunderstood souls. An artistic genius, he received no recognition during his lifetime and his work was dismissed as that of a madman. Only one person, Vincent's brother Theo, encouraged Vincent in his work by providing him with the supplies and money necessary to continue painting. Theo was the sole person who believed in Vincent and provided him with an inexhaustible supply of love.

Each night, after drawing and painting for fourteen to sixteen hours, Vincent sat down with pen and ink and poured his heart out to his brother. No element of his artistic struggle was too unimportant for Vincent to communicate to Theo.

At the age of 37, Vincent died in his brother's arms. Theo was so overcome with emotion at the funeral that he was unable to speak. Six months later, at the age of 34, Theo died, leaving behind a wife and baby. Having saved every letter Vincent had ever written, Theo also left behind the story of Vincent's life, as told by Vincent in soul-searching detail. 

Leonard Nimoy spent years researching the over 500 letters that survived and used them as the basis for Vincent. The play begins in late July, 1890, in a lecture hall in Paris one week after Vincent's death. Theo has invited artists, friends and anyone else who will listen, hoping that he will be able to express himself and do justice to the memory and reputation of his beloved brother, Vincent. 

The play opened in Minneapolis in March 1981, then moved to Broadway where it was a smash hit. Jim Jarrett was introduced to Vincent in 1994 and secured the rights to produce the show. Two-and-a-half years later, the show opened in Hawaii. Jarrett has been on tour ever since, playing to over a quarter million people and sold-out audiences in the premier performing art centers, colleges and museums throughout the world.

A review from The New York Times captures why Vincent has been such a touring success: "Mr. Nimoy's play is compelling, humorous, inspiring and most of all, educational. Those who attend will never be able to look at Vincent or his work the same way again. Through this play we discover Vincent was much more than a madman artist—he was a man who, after years of wandering and searching his soul, discovered his dream, his God-given purpose for being on this planet and then spent the next ten years of his life trying to do justice to this gift. That's noble and rare. And for the audience, inspiring."

For more information visit http://jarrettproductions.com/vincent.

Part of the Jewish Luminaries Series in honor of Leonard Nimoy

Saturday, November 18
7:00 PM
Schultz Cultural Arts Hall
$55 Premium (includes seating in the first few rows) | $40 General
| $35 Members and J-pass holders | $20 Students (with Student ID)
Contact: Heather Shaw | (650) 223-8678 | [email protected]

LocationAlbert and Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall (Bldg F)
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