Who We Are
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    Who We Are

    About the Campus

    The Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life is a welcoming, innovative, multi-generational destination where individuals and families live, learn, play and connect. The 8.5-acre site is anchored by the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center and Moldaw Family Residences. Since opening in September 2009, the campus has created an exciting hub for the region's growing Jewish community and contributed to the revitalization of the South Palo Alto area. 

    The campus has won many construction and design awards and is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certified for its many environmentally progressive features. The Taube Koret Campus is a collaborative initiative founded in 2001 by the Albert L. Schultz Jewish Community Center (now the Oshman Family JCC) in Palo Alto, the Jewish Home in San Francisco, the Jewish Community Federation and local community leaders. The campus is also home to regional offices for the Jewish Community Federation and other Jewish communal agencies.

    A Campus Rich in Meaning

    The design of the Taube Koret Campus reflects our deep, historic roots with references to Israel's architecture, the 12 tribes of Israel and Israeli regional flora. Visual reference to Judaic culture and history permeate the campus, creating a richly evocative and inspiring "urban village."

    The colors and landscaping throughout the campus are based on native plants, trees and textures of Israel. The buildings are infused with the colors of the seven plants of Israel: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and honey dates. In designing this home for the Oshman Family JCC and Moldaw Family Residences, Steinberg Architects intertwined many symbolic, historical and contemporary elements.

    Sit under towering palms in the Jessica Lynn Saal Town Square. Stroll among olive trees on the Saal Family Midrahov. Discover birch, pomegranate, fig and acacia trees dotting the landscaped grounds. Our little ones play and plant in OFJCC Preschool's lush planting areas, which correspond to Israel's geographical diversity.

    An elegant sculptural element outside the Schultz Cultural Arts Hall is representative of the twelve biblical tribes and creates a discreet separation between the Marcia and John Goldman Cultural Courtyard and the general walkways. Inside the hall, the Koshland Theatre becomes our communal "tent"—a central area for celebrations and events. Other design elements throughout the hall result in a gorgeous, welcoming gathering place.

    This spirit is what makes the Taube Koret Campus an exceptional addition to the neighborhood. Step onto the campus and be inspired by its rich design evoking golden Jerusalem stone, intriguing promenades and courtyards. Please come in!

    An Oasis Like No Other
    In 2015, the OFJCC commissioned a stunning new addition to campus and the community in the form of the Oasis Play Space. Crafted by Scientific Art Studio, the acclaimed designers behind the Giant Baseball Mitt at the San Francisco Giants' AT&T Park, the Oasis Play Space was completed in July of 2016 and provides an imaginative and welcoming center of activity on the OFJCC campus.

    Located on the Jessica Lynn Saal Town Square, the Oasis Play Space is based on the Jewish theme of a desert oasis that provided refuge to wanderers. The Oasis features faux grassy hills, an interactive glass water feature and the look of an ancient landscape. There is an archeo-climber for exploration, an open-sided tent recalling the Biblical tent of Abraham and Sarah and larger-than-life models of Israeli and desert plants such as papyrus and pomegranates.

    The space has been designed as a safe and stimulating environment for children ages 1 to 10 to explore, climb and slide.

    A Modern Eco-Oasis
    In the midst of the bustling South Peninsula, the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life provides a welcoming, beautifully-landscaped oasis. The campus feels like a small town, but it’s an extremely eco-conscious one with a strong environmental agenda.

    The OFJCC may be steeped in tradition and historic metaphors but our facilities are also devoted to the future by respecting the environment and promoting ecological values.

    Our intent is to ensure that the campus is not only green-focused, but that it provides an environmental leadership model for all residents and visitors. The campus incorporates many LEED-compliant design features in key areas like water efficiency, sustainability, energy efficiency, innovation and design.

    Throughout the Taube Koret Campus you'll find:

    • Integrated occupancy sensors for lighting, heating and air conditioning to save energy
    • Maximized use of natural lighting
    • Water efficient, both indoors and out
    • Interior paints and finishes with low emissions
    • Sufficient bicycle storage for all building users
    • Underground parking minimizes the "heat island effect"
    • Convenient location near public transportation
    While green technology has been built into the campus, the Oshman Family JCC incorporates eco-conscious practices to keep our facilities and our community healthy. Just a few examples include convenient recycling throughout the campus, ongoing food waste composting at OFJCC Preschool, the use of green-approved cleaning supplies by our maintenance staff and the use of recycled and re-purposed materials wherever possible.

    Deep connections to Jewish tradition and forward-thinking eco-leadership—you'll find it all at the Oshman Family JCC.

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