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    Chai Giving Circle


    The OFJCC completed the first funding cycle of its inaugural giving circle in June 2017. Chai Giving Circle participants ultimately granted funds to the Center for Reproductive Rights, If | When | How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, and Facing History and Ourselves

    We are currently in our second funding cycle, chaired by Maddy Chaleff and Rebecca Shomair. Chai Giving Circle members will learn about social justice issues in the local, South Bay community, pool their philanthropic resources and grant funds to local organizations. Members will work together to make impactful decisions while infusing Jewish values into their philanthropic discussions. 

    2017–2018 Participants: 

    Co-chairs: Maddy Chaleff and Rebecca Shomair    
    Leslie Behar Liza Hausman Stacey Newman Pam Shames
    Kim Boyanowski Sara Janzen Orli Rinat Shannon Stein
    Ellen Brown Erica Katz Rivi Rochkind Andrea Stern
    Mimi Ezray Sharon Leslie Susan Steiner Saal Beth Wenger
    Andi Frenkel Linor Levav Sara Schnell Karen Zuckerberg
    Karen Gould Wendy Miller Jodi Schwartz  


    2016–2017 Participants: 

    Chair: Michelle Sandberg      
    Tavi Alcheck Tricia Herrick Jonna Hunter   Rebecca Shomair
    Leslie Behar Vanessa Hood Lauren Kutcher Emily Waldorf
    Ronit Bodner Jennifer Dibrienza Sharon Leslie Hilary Weisfeld
    Maddy Chaleff Andi Frenkel Susan Steiner Saal Emily Wessler

    To learn more, please contact Michelle Kracoff at [email protected] or (650) 223-8693.

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