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    Chai Giving Circle

    The OFJCC recently completed the first funding cycle of its inaugural giving circle, chaired by Michelle Sandberg; the Chai Giving Circle is comprised of 17 like-minded women who appreciate the importance of giving back. Together, they pooled their charitable donations to determine how and where to allocate their money. In the past six months, Chai Giving Circle members dove head-first into social justice learning and infused Jewish values into their philanthropic decisions.

    Chai Giving Circle considered funding both Bay Area and national organizations, in hopes of determining the best way to combat three issues in the civil rights arena: reproductive justice, immigration rights and religious and racial tolerance. After many interesting and informative meetings learning about a variety of wonderful organizations, and after some difficult decisions, Chai Giving Circle granted funds to four outstanding organizations.

    We are excited to announce our 20162017 grantees:

    2016–2017 Participants

    Chair: Michelle Sandberg      
    Tavi Alcheck Tricia Herrick Jonna Hunter   Rebecca Shomair
    Leslie Behar Vanessa Hood Lauren Kutcher Emily Waldorf
    Ronit Bodner Jennifer Dibrienza Sharon Leslie Hilary Weisfeld
    Maddy Chaleff Andi Frenkel Susan Saal Emily Wessler


    The 2017–2018 Chai Giving Circle funding cycle will be chaired by Rebecca Shomair and Maddy Chaleff. To learn more, please contact Michelle Kracoff at [email protected] or (650) 223-8693.

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